Two students injured in fight at DeKaney High

HOUSTON It happened in a hallway outside the gymnasium at the school on Imperial Valley at Bammel at around 1pm. The disruption was reportedly brought under control by school administration and Spring ISD police.

Two students involved in the altercation were treated by the school nurse and transported to Houston Northwest Medical Center.

Students we talked to used the words "riot" and "chaos" to describe the fight and the staff's attempt to bring it under control. Parents tell us the fight involved several groups of students, possibly Hispanic students fighting against African-American students, though that has not been confirmed by district officials.

"Chaos, people running around everywhere, fights breaking out, I mean it was just complete chaos," one student told us. "They had the whole staff trying to stop everybody and break it up, but it just went on and on 'til finally it just died down."

The disruption is being investigated and school officials say appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

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