Help from Houston headed to Alabama

HOUSTON Workers at Igloo say that whether it's through family members, stories on Facebook, stories on TV -- they have been affected by the devastation in Alabama. Because of that, hundreds of Igloo coolers are now headed to the storm victims.

Workers spent more than an hour Thursday morning loading the coolers into a big rig headed to Alabama.

Igloo factory workers, office workers, management -- they say they want to show their support in a big way, with signs and a gift of about 1,000 coolers. The coolers will go straight to Alabama, where the death toll from tornadoes in that state alone is more than 230 people.

Igloo Marketing Director Sue Miller Payton has family in that area, and while they survived, some of their neighbors didn't.

"They were blessed," she said. "They lost some windows and a little bit of property damage. But it was nothing compared to their neighbors, where, directly behind them, seven people were killed. The whole Flat Rock area is totally devastated and flattened. Every church, I believe, in the community is gone. They don't even have any place for shelter. The people are sleeping on the ground. So whatever we can do to help them. It's a very small thing, a cooler, but every little bit helps."

With no power in the area for many of the residents, Igloo is hoping the coolers will help keep food, water and baby formula cold and at a safe temperature.

The coolers are expected to arrive in the impacted area around noon Friday.

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