Man pulled from house fire suspected of setting blaze

HOUSTON The home on Elmhurst at Kingspoint in southeast Houston caught fire around 9:30pm, sustaining massive damage in the back. The brother who was trapped inside and had to be rescued by neighbors is now being questioned by arson investigators.

Neighbors first reported seeing flames coming from the back of the house. Firefighters say those neighbors didn't realize one of the two brothers who lives at the home was still trapped inside, unable to get out because of burglar bars and a deadbolt lock. Fire officials say neighbors used hammers to knock the dead bolt off of the burglar bars.

"We had reports that there was someone still in the house. As it turned out, that person was evacuated from the home," said District Chief James Soukub with the Houston Fire Department. "The person has been monitored by HFD EMS crews."

The man trapped inside was treated for smoke inhalation and then detained by police. Firefighters say arson investigators are now speaking with him to see if he had anything to do with the fire, since he reportedly got into an argument with his brother.

Firefighters say the brother who was trapped inside refused any further medical treatment. There is no word whether or not he will face charges.

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