Scammers target those seeking bin Laden info


Searches for information about bin Laden skyrocketed after his death was announced Sunday and Internet scammers were there to take advantage of the jump in traffic.

Google searches of bin Laden turn up several fake photos in addition to real news stories.

One of the top results led to a website full of malicious software. Other websites would try to convince users their computers had a virus and urge them to pay for anti-virus software.

That scam put credit card information into the hands of con artists.

Google is trying to weed out dangerous links.

Another scam surfaced on Facebook. Fake "ads" for free promotional offers following bin Laden's death would pop up on social networking site.

Once a user clicked on the ad it would redirect to a page which would try to get personal information on the user.

Anyone who "liked" one of the fake offers immediately spread the scam to their friends.

A fake bin Laden death video link was also spreading on Facebook, according to SophosLabs. That link led nowhere. The authors of the scammers are being paid for every click they receive.

The best way to keep viruses off your computer is only to click on links from trusted sources. Also be wary of things which are being sent by your friends.


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