Woman accused of cutting son after reading Revelations


Vilma Jeeaneth Chavez, 36, is charged with injury to a child. According to court documents, Chavez's husband told Pasadena police that on January 20 at around 11:30pm Chavez was in a bedroom of their Pasadena home with the couple's 10-year-old son and their 13-year-old daughter when the boy ran into his bedroom crying and bleeding from his arm. Chavez's husband said his son told him that Chavez cut his arm with a razor blade.

Her husband also said Chavez cut her own arm with the razor in the same place and same manner as their son, and that Chavez tried unsuccessfully to cut their daughter, but she pulled away.

During an interview with police, investigators say Chavez told them she had been having marital problems and had been reading the book of Revelations in the Bible. Chavez told police she believed the world was coming to an end so she tried to kill her family so they would not see what she read about in Revelations. Chavez told investigators that after her children fell asleep that night she first cut herself, then her son with the same razor and then tried to cut her daughter.

The 10-year-old victim was treated at the hospital with 10 stitches in his arm. Chavez received medical treatment for her injuries and was later admitted to the hospital for psychiatric care.

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