Britons tell ABC13 what they thought of "the dress"

LONDON, England If you're looking for high fashion, look no further than London's "High Street" -- a magnet for tourists and locals alike.

It has hundreds of stores and seemingly unlimited choices, but this weekend in London, there was only one dress on the minds of shoppers.

"I liked it 'cause it's simple. I'm used to dresses being over the top, so I think it's going to start a trend of nice, simple dresses<" London resident Karim Shalak said.

"I knew it would be quite traditional. I knew she had to have her shoulders covered and a veil. It was stylish, but plain. I think her sister's dress was much, much nicer than hers was," Emma Edwards of London said.

"I thought it was subtly beautiful. I like the lace," 11-year-old Selina Singh said. "I thought it was very vintage."

Vintage? Perhaps. That's because Kate may have looked to Princess Grace's dress for inspiration. Grace was an American film star and commoner who, like Kate, also snagged a prince.

Some believe Kate may have come up a little short.

"I would have liked to see a little more detail, more contemporary edge, but they played traditional with his uniform too," Edwards said. "I think her sister's dress is what she would have liked, so she expressed herself through her sister's dress."

But others believe the new duchess got it just right.

"She is what you would want your wife to look like -- simple, elegant and nice," Shalak said.

So, for those expecting a little more glitz and glamour, rest assured. The classic fairytale lives on.

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