Teen dies after being pulled from pond

HOUSTON Deputies say the 17-year-old was swimming in a pond when he went under water.

People at the scene watched it happen, and then rushed to help when he didn't return.

It happened at a retention pond in a wooded area off Texas 249 near Cora in north Harris County.

The pond is on the property of a salvage yard, surrounded by a red tin wall.

There's a hole in that wall and the swimmers would access the pond by going through that hole.

There were around six or seven teens who went swimming together today. They said their friend went under and never resurfaced.

They called 9-1-1 and deputies arrived and immediately started their search.

They say they pond is between 20 and 30 feet deep. They described the water as very murky with only about one foot of visibility.

In addition, the undercurrents were powerful.

It's estimated the victim was under for about 30 minutes before deputies found him.

The teen was transported to an area hospital with CPR in progress and later died.

His friends tell us he was a senior at Eisenhower High School.

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