Putting bargain eye creams to the test

HOUSTON But before you set out to spend a small fortune, you should know there are not only budget-friendly products, they are also proven to be effective by testers. From eye creams that claim to lighten up dark circles, to those that reduce puffiness and crow's feet, our beauty expert has tested dozens of products.

Everyone has their trouble spots.

"I have really dark spots under eyes and it seems to be really dark and shadowed," Ashlee Kasper said.

Some women have tried products that work.

"I sleep with retina twice a week and of course I use concealer," Trish Lecourias said.

Nancy Speich said, "I use Oil of Olay. I have tried expensive."

But is expensive better?

Rachel Gower from The Upper Hand Salon said, "We spend a lot of time testing products -- what they can do, what they can't do and we have found the best ones."

Gower and her beauty squad put numerous products through the wringer to determine which ones deliver on their promises.

She said, "The good news is that there are some great products out there that can slow down the signs of aging."

For under eye puffiness, Gower say look for products that have caffeine and vitamin B.

"A great product that to address under eye puffiness is from YSL and it's called Touche Express," Gower said.

But that product costs $44. A less expensive alternative is Garnier Skin Renew anti-puff eye roller for $12. For fine lines, like crow's feet, try an anti-aging cream with retinol.

"Retinol is a very potent way of fighting wrinkles," Gower explained. "It's basically a re-surfacing agent and it's also shown that it stimulates collagen under the surface of the skin."

She likes Jan Marini's Age Intervention eye cream.

"I really like this because you get that resurfacing effect but it also has hydro-acid in it that keeps the area hydrated and nice and supple," Gower said.

But it's $92. A more affordable option is Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle deep wrinkle eye cream. It's $21 at the drug store. For those with sensitive skin, try an eye cream with peptides.

Gower said, "They are very good for firming the skin and keeping it moist and supple at the same time."

A splurge that has been tried and tested is Chanel Ultra Correction Lift eye cream for $100. But for $21, our expert recommends Roc Multi-Correxion Lift anti-gravity eye cream. Testers claim they saw great results.

If dark circles are your problem, you may not like this answer but unfortunately, it's genetic and chances are they'll just get darker with time and stress. Our beauty expert says don't waste money on treatments that claim to get rid of your dark circles, instead invest in a high quality concealer.
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