Rumors swirl about Kate's dress as wedding nears


Late Tuesday afternoon, trucks pulled in and unloaded not exactly flowers, but whole trees. Two truckloads were taken into the Abbey while the crowds snapped pictures. They're apparently trying to create a forest inside the Westminister Abbey.

And the first campers arrived, too, staking out the best spots right across the street from the Abbey, waving flags very cheerful as they settled in for three long days before the wedding.

Now to the best-kept secret of the whole royal wedding saga. Of course, we're talking about the dress. It's the question that has taken over the nation. What will Kate wear?

The rumors are flying, and the answers are few.

"They're been very, very careful about keeping that detail a secret," US Weekly magazine's deputy news director Rebecca Bienstock said.

But Bienstock has one big scoop.

"We have learned exclusively that the dress that she'll be wearing at the wedding is ready. All her fittings are done so the next time she'll wear her dress will be Friday for the whole world to see," she said.

It was Princess Diana's gown that became the most famous wedding dress of the 20th century. Diana's enormous poofs and 25-foot train reflecting the mood and trends of the over-the-top 1980s.

"In the 80s, the huge puffy sleeves were in, and now no one would ever think of doing that," said Jenna Zielinski of Houston's Winnie Couture.

Times have changed and so have styles.

"The style very much right now is strapless. Almost 90 percent of the gowns are strapless," Zielinski said.

At Winnie Couture, Zielinski is eagerly awaiting her first look at the dress that will change the industry.

"It's very exciting to have a change," Zielinski said.

And Kate is the woman who will set the new trends. Much has been made of Kate's polished, classic style. The latest rumor is that the dress is ivory, satin and lace, with button details and a 10-foot train. And Kate may have even had a hand in designing it.

Kate is said to have a keen interest in fashion. In fact for a time, she worked as a buyer for Jigsaw, a high-street chain.

So what do we know about the dress? It can't be strapless, which is the current hottest trend. Kate must cover her shoulders; and though she favors tailored looks, in Westminster Abbey, it's can't be understated.

"To compete with what's behind us, it's a huge opulent space," Bienstock said.

The moment her dress is seen around the world, we can expect to see knockoffs within days, or even hours. And Zielinski says it will absolutely change the wedding dress industry.

"No one wants to sell the same thing every day, so it's exciting to have straps, different necklines and backlines and longer trains," Zielinski said.

There's a short list of designer names being thrown around. We don't know who it is, it's a safe bet it'll likely be a British designer. Bienstock also quelled rumors that three dresses were made. She says only one dress was designed and it's ready to go.

Although he's been kept in the dark about the gown, William has agreed with Kate that she can auction it off after the big day with proceeds going to charity.

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