Kate Middleton (not that one) in royal mix-up

CONCORD, MA Kate Middleton, the Boston bicycle enthusiast, that is.

But that hasn't stopped the 32-year-old from being confused with the woman who is about to marry Prince William. Recently, Facebook accused the Boston Middleton of being an impostor and deleted her account. Various media reporters also keep showing up at ATA Cycle, a Concord, Mass. bicycling shop where she works, and asking her to speak in a British accent.

"I'm really not interested in pretending I'm British," said Middleton, who is originally from Louisville, Ky. "And I'm not really interested in pretending I'm the other Kate Middleton so I basically refused on all five requests to speak in a British accent."

The mix-up began in January after Middleton tried to log on to her Facebook account only to find out that the account had been suspended on suspicion of it being fake. She wrote Facebook an email and said that yes, her name was Kate Middleton and asked if could she have her account back.

"Facebook disabled my account for using a fake name," she tweeted after the Facebook deletion. "Will the real Kate Middleton please stand up?"

She soon discovered that Facebook also had untagged her in all of her photos. "Further evidence one doesn't really exist unless they are royalty..." she quickly tweeted.

The account was re-instated about a week later.

She wasn't the only Kate Middleton to face a temporary ban on the popular social media site as the royal wedding in London approaches. At least three others -- an Australian woman and two British women all named Kate Middleton -- have been booted off Facebook and were later allowed back only after proving that they really were Kate Middletons.

Facebook bans users who open fake accounts, according to a spokeswoman. Facebook executives have said some mistakes are inevitable as they try to keep the social network secure.

The soon-be-royal Kate Middleton is scheduled to marry Prince William on Friday at Westminster Abbey.

For the American Kate Middleton, she said even though she has no relation to the famous namesake, the two do have a few things in common.

"We both have brown hair," she said smiling. "We're both easy on the eyes."

Middleton said she's using the hoopla around her name to draw attention to her participation in a July bike tour from Boston to Provincetown aimed to raise money for multiple sclerosis. If she raises at least $10,000, Middleton promised to ride a tandem bike in a wedding dress along with a "Prince William look-a-like."

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