Buckingham Palace prepares for royal wedding

LONDON, ENGLAND Buckingham Palace is where we'll see William and Kate's first kiss as a married couple. But until then, every last detail is being planned to make sure everything is picture perfect.

With an estimated 2 billion people worldwide expected to watch, London is getting ready for its big day in the spotlight.

Rob Liberace of Virginia has been to the palace before. We asked if he'd seen it this clean.

"No, we've been really amazed at how well they've kept the place. Every once in a while we see a street sweeper come by. We don't see much of that in the D.C. area," he said.

Houstonian Sara Parks picked the royal wedding week to visit British friends.

"They were pretty shocked to hear how excited Americans are about it. I told them it's a big, historic event," she said.

Bunting is up and flags are flying, but as the royal guards rehearse their steps, security is a major concern.

With 1,900 people invited to the wedding and hundreds of thousands gathered outside, Metropolitan police and Scotland Yard are taking no chances, launching one of their biggest operations in history.

"There are some security issues. My job is to maintain law and order, look for terror threats should they surface. At the moment, everything is very peaceful," said Inspector Paul Rogers with the Ministry of Defense.

The barricades are ready. Roads will be closed and 5,000 police and military personnel will patrol from the ground while helicopters watch from the air.

"There's a massive operation involved," Rogers said. "I can't say more than that."

With the eyes of the world on their city, protestors are already camped outside of parliament, and plan to be here Friday.

"If they try to resort to any unlawful attempt to remove us, I will not be happy," protestor Solomon Guntupalli said.

Despite security concerns, most in London seem only excited about the big day of celebration and joy.

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