Houston area residents celebrate Easter

HOUSTON Between the real bunnies and the bunny hop, revelers at Moody Gardens in Galveston on Sunday were witness to a cameo by the cottontail himself.

It's the day these little lambs transform into fierce hunters

"How many eggs are you going to get?" we asked local egg hunters.

"Like, um, 100?" Halie Travis said.

"Well, my game plan is to go to each corner and grab them, then go to the middle," Ian Allen said.

One five-year-old was toting something golden in her basket.

"I've got my jacket and my Bible," Arizan Meighan said.

The biblical story of Christ's resurrection came to life at Lakewood Church where worshippers rejoiced in the new beginning and in the message their children will carry away.

"It's not all about the Easter egg hunt," Nazy Meighan laughed. "Seeing it, they kind of digest it better"

As well as what they carry away in their baskets.

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