Flash mob dance at Discovery Green goes viral on net


You've seen them on TV -- 2,000 Houstonians dancing at Discovery Green. It's had more than 320,000 views on YouTube in a week.

"Dance Your Shoes Off" is an Easter celebration of Second Baptist Church and an experiment to see how quickly it could go viral. The idea was to teach church members to dance, but they had to find the right song.

"We have to teach choreography to thousands of people and we need it now," songwriter and producer Josh Moore said.

An Easter dance song: It's an unusual order, so Moore teamed with singer-songwriter Lauren James, who wrote the words and sang -- and they did it in two days.

Both were church members but they'd never worked together, so they started by figuring out which vowels James sang best then they wrote the lyrics.

"We were thinking 'rise' just thinking of different words and that word was kinda the one that stuck out the most, to rise up," James said. "It's the message of Christianity all in one song, about how he's risen and we can all rise up to celebrate who he is."

And they're hoping this Easter may yet hit their goal of one million views.

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