Boy, 4, dies after collapsing at soccer practice

LEAGUE CITY, TX The medical examiner is now identifying the child as Cade Carpenter. According to the police report, he died due to a cardiac condition. Officials have not yet said, though, what the official cause of death is.

Cade was practicing on a YMCA field with his soccer team when he apparently collapsed just 10 minutes into the practice, only moments after telling his father something was wrong.

Trazanna Moreno with the YMCA said, "He jogged over to his dad and just said his stomach hurt and then collapsed."

It was about 6:40pm Wednesday. Someone called 911. Police arrived in just two minutes. CPR was underway. A spokesperson with the YMCA says one of the other parents was an ICU nurse.

There was an automatic defibrillator onsite, but it was never used. Officials say the boy was still breathing at the time.

According to police, the child died less than two hours later at the hospital, a results of what the report indicates was a "cardiac condition." The document states that an X-ray of the boy showed "…swelling around the heart."

Cade's death has shaken many at the YMCA, even those who never knew him.

"I would just say that our hearts were broken and that we're thinking about and praying for his family and friends," Moreno said.

Cade's mother teaches at Clear Creek ISD's Landolt Elementary School. Parents there are saddened. The school grieves for one of its own.

Parent Sandra Lawler said, "You can never be prepared for something like that. Parents are not supposed to bury their children, you know."

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