Boy killed in rollover crash on Ft. Bend Toll Road

HOUSTON Looking at the SUV is heartbreaking when you realize the depth of the devastation. Seven-year-old Grant Lee Briers was killed in the accident. Authorities say he was ejected from the Tahoe after it rolled over.

"It gives me goose bumps because you don't want to see anybody have to go through that," said neighbor Liz Miller.

Authorities identify the driver as Dayonaja Williams, 37, of Missouri City. Williams was driving along Fort Bend Parkway just north of Highway 6 at about 7:30am when the accident happened. Williams had her three children, ages 3, 5 and 9 and 7-year-old Grant in the SUV. Grant was seated behind Williams when she lost control.

Chief Deputy Chad Norvell Precinct 4, Fort Bend County, explained, "She advised that one of the kids she thought was choking. She turned around and was distracted by the child and when she did, she drifted off the road overcompensated when she came back and the vehicle rolled over."

Authorities say Williams told them all the children were wearing seatbelts when they left this morning. Neighbors near Williams' Missouri City home worry how children on the street will react to the deadly accident.

Miller said, "These kids will be devastated. The whole area, they're just one big happy family. They will be devastated, there's no doubt about it."

People inside Williams' home declined to speak to Eyewitness News.

Authorities say Williams' three children suffered minor injuries and she was unhurt. They also say while the investigation is continuing, they do not expect to file charges against Williams.

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