Father of boy found dead in box released from jail

HOUSTON Eyewitness News has learned that the parents of 10-year-old Jonathan Singer, whose body was found in a box in his father's SUV Sunday, were twice investigated by CPS. The agency states that last year, there was a report of neglect or abuse involving the boy. An investigation did not find any violations.

Last May, there was another report that the boy's mother, who had undisclosed medical problems of her own, couldn't care for her son. The boy had cerebral palsy and was blind. The family moved and CPS stated they couldn't be located.

Jeffrey Singer was arrested Sunday morning. A few hours earlier, police say his father called 911 to report his grandson's body was in a box in Singer's SUV. It was, but his attorney denies he confessed to killing his son, or confessed to his father.

Attorney Jim Lindeman said, "I talked with both my client at length and his father, and both of deny that that occurred."

Pasadena police are in charge of the investigation because 10-year-old Jonathan lived with his parents at a Pasadena apartment. He was a special needs child, with cerebral palsy and blindness.

"The family cared for him and loved him and nurtured him for years," Lindeman said. "The father is just torn apart by this tragic death."

The boy's mother was released by police Sunday night after the agency attempted to charge her with neglect, but the charge was refused by the DA's office until more information can be developed.

Singer is charged with serious bodily injury to a child. He was released from jail Monday on $50,000 bond. The boy's mother is still being investigated by Pasadena police.

Singer's attorney denies his client had any role in the boy's death. Singer is expected to make his first court appearance in the morning.

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