HCSO: Deputy at fault in fiery wreck

HOUSTON Around 10:30pm Friday, a Harris County Sheriff's Office deputy supervisor was stopped at a red light eastbound on F.M. 1960 at Sugar Pine when a car next to him reportedly ran the red light.

The deputy said he tried to go after the car. Just as he began driving through the red light, a car was coming through the intersection northbound on Sugar Pine.

Officials said deputy hit the side of that car, and then came to a stop against another car in the southbound lanes and caught fire.

Responding officers put out the car fire and the deputy was transported to Northwest Houston Medical Center with minor injuries, authorities said.

The other driver involved also suffered minor injuries, but he refused to be transported.

No one was injured in the third car.

According to investigators, the deputy did not turn on his emergency lights to begin chasing the red light runner, so the accident was deemed his fault.

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