Deputies arrest man accused in vicious machete attack


Ronald Washington, 41, is being held at the Harris County Jail on a charge of aggravated assault of a family member with a deadly weapon in connection with the Tuesday attack, according to a Harris County Sheriff's Office statement.

Detectives say the woman met with Washington in the 7100 block of Mount Houston Road because he said he wanted to see their 6-month-old baby. The duo then began arguing so he reached into her car, took the keys and walked away.

When the woman yelled at him to return her keys, Washington allegedly returned with a machete and began attacking the woman while their child was on her lap. The woman put the baby on the floorboard of the car during the attack and eventually was able to escape out the car.

But detectives say Washington didn't stop there.

Washington allegedly kept attacking the woman with the machete and then doused her with gasoline. When the woman was able to escape from the alleged attack and stopped passing motorists for help, Washington got into her car, with the baby still inside, and allegedly tried to run her over.

The good Samaritans the woman had stopped for help drove her to a nearby gas station, where she called 9-1-1. Washington then returned to his vehicle and fled the scene, allegedly leaving their infant unattended in the woman's car.

Washington was arrested the next day after he attempted to file a report at a Harris County Sheriff's Office storefront, claiming he had been attacked by the mother of his child.

The woman was taken to an area hospital, where she is recovering from her injuries. The baby was not injured.

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