Man killed while daughter hides

HOUSTON Neighbor Victoria LeDesma said, "I don't even want to be in my house right now."

LeDesma lives just a few feet away from the apartment where South Houston police say a mother, who had just come home from dropping her young child off at school, walked into her apartment and found her husband, who's been identified as 29-year-old Sergio Blas Jr., dead in the living room. Police say he was partially nude and he had been beaten.

"The husband was found on the floor, tied, bound with some type of cord," said South Houston Police Chief Herbert Gilbert.

Police say it was a home invasion and the couple's two-year-old daughter was in the apartment at the time. Authorities say the child's mother found the young girl in the back bedroom, hiding under blankets.

"I drop my kids off at school and come back at that same time," LeDesma said. "It's just scary to think that it happened so close to home."

The two-year-old girl was unhurt. Witnesses told police they saw two men leave the apartment. Police are tracking down leads and investigating to see if robbery was a motive.

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