Vandals spray paint property in League City

LEAGUE CITY, TX Someone spray painted 12 houses, 14 vehicles and three fences. The vandals used black, red, pink and yellow spray paint. One sergeant told Eyewitness News that officers think kids did this, but they do not believe gangs had anything to do with this case.

"We didn't hear about until about between 8:00 and 8:30. We had the police actually knock on the door that morning," said victim Patrick Lovell. "It could've been a lot worse, it really could've. It is what happens. You just never know with kids anymore nowadays."

"They had spray painted dots on different items, lines on their cars, had spray painted some exterior lights, but just basically it's just dots and lines and smiley faces," said Sgt. John Jordan with the League City Police Department. "From what we can tell it's nothing gang related."

Police took 21 reports from homeowners. If police ever catch the vandals, the spray painters could face criminal mischief charges based on the amount of damage.

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