Teen accused of killing his classmate faces judge

KATY, TX The accused killer facing a murder charge stood before a judge Monday morning. Alexander Olivieri is charged in the murder of 17-year-old Bridgett Frisbie. Investigators say he shot her in the head and left her body in a wooded area near Katy. She was laid to rest this weekend and her father was there as Olivieri faced those charges.

At about 10am, Olivieri stood before the judge, calmly, but without the smirk many people saw in his mug shot photo.

Prosecutors say in retaliation Olivieri killed his 17-year-old classmate because she was telling others about a drive-by shooting he may have been involved in.

Bridgett's father Bob Frisbie has been coping with the tragic loss of his daughter, but he says to see the justice system working eases his pain.

"It's good to see justice being done," Frisbie said. "I tell you, a couple of days in jail has wiped that smirk off of his face. A few more would really help."

"The motive that we believe was for the killing was because the complainant had knowledge of this drive-by that the defendant was involved in," prosecutor Amanda Skillern said.

Prosecutors would not go into specifics about the drive-by shooting, but they do say they intend to follow this case to the fullest extent of the law.

For the elder Frisbie, he admits wading through the court system will be hard, but he believes today's court appearance is the right beginning.

"It gave me faith that the system would go forward. They have him, he's handcuffed, he's here and justice will prevail," Frisbie said.

Olivieri has not yet entered a plea.

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