Mulch fire causes small blasts in Livingston area

LIVINGSTON, TX We've seen west Texas wildfires, and this one in Livingston, in Polk County is burning this morning at a mulch factory. Firefighters said the flames reached propane tanks at one point, causing a couple explosions.

A forest service helicopter was sent up to pour water onto that fire. Dozens of departments are assisting, and they say this could take several days to extinguish. No injuries have been reported so far.

Right now, wildfire weather conditions are among the worst in our state's history. Fire marshals say even if you aren't under a burn ban or a red flag warning, they are encouraging people in rural areas around Houston not to light campfires or burn any trash or yard debris.

"Be aware that it could happen and if it does just evacuate and get out. Don't try to stay there and collect anything," said Ray Uballe with the Texas Forest Service.

Red flag warnings will be in effect for us today, and we will keep you posted on that as well as the fire in Livingston.

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