Church damaged by vandals re-opens

DICKINSON, TX The congregation of Christian Fellowship Ministry Church in Dickinson was overflowing with joy to be back at their church home Sunday afternoon.

"Its really a wonderful feeling to be back in the house of the Lord. He has blessed us. It's been two months," church member Mary Frank said.

"A lot of hard labor, but it seems God gave us the strength to get through it and it seems we gained strength and momentum as we worked," said Jennifer Cooper, the pastor's wife.

Vandals broke in to the church in January, stealing microphones, guitars and keyboards and pouring acid on carpet and pew cushions.

The small congregation had no insurance for the $30,000 in damage. Donations helped them clean up and rebuild.

"We're excited and we're giving Him praise and glory through it all. We never stopped celebrating the Lord," Cooper said.

The acid soaked carpet and cushions are gone and they are celebrating a new beginning.

"We just thank the Lord for everybody that participated and donated to us and helping us get built back up again. We are just celebrating the Lord today," Frank said.

Police are still investigating this case. No arrests have been made.

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