Prosecutors reveal motive in murder of Katy teen

KATY, TX Alexander Olivieri, 18, remains behind bars. He's due back in criminal court Monday morning. Now we know not only what authorities say happened to Frisbie but more importantly, a possible reason why.

As Olivieri stood before a judge, prosecutors for the first time revealed chilling new details about the alleged motive behind Frisbie's murder.

A prosecutor said, "Another witness spoke to police and told police that he witnessed this defendant escorting the complainant out to the woods. While he was in the woods this defendant then took out a 9 mm handgun from his side and shot the complainant from behind."

Prosecutors say Olivieri, an acquaintance and classmate of Frisbie's, killed her because she was telling people she'd seen him commit a drive-by shooting. The state requested a high bond after the witness told police Olivieri bragged about participating in another drive-by shooting and possible killing.

Bridgett's father Bob Frisbie said, "Wrapping my arms around it is trying to accept this as her destiny and her fate and my faith in Christ helps me."

In a previous interview, Frisbie's father told Eyewitness News he was blindsided by the news of Olivieri's arrest. Bob Frisbie met the teen just three weeks ago and the two had discussed his plans to join the Army.

Bob said, "He had a future. He had career plans."

But Olivieri's friends aren't convinced he's a killer. Some have rushed to his defense to say he's innocent.

"He wasn't even near her at the time," said Olivieri's friend Thomas Spence. "There is no way he could have committed anything. There's no way he's guilty."

We've been told Olivieri's family was meeting with a criminal defense lawyer Friday afternoon.

Frisbie's father was told by investigators to refrain from talking about the motive. We spoke with him by phone on Friday and he says all the facts will eventually come out in court.

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