Marijuana candy bars found at California schools


It's a big concern to Ventura County school officials, because the bars are available at medical marijuana dispensaries. To the casual observer, they might look like your average candy bar, but look again. The bars are infused with hash oil.

"I mean, these are dangerous controlled substances," said Superintendent of Ventura County Schools Stan Mantooth.

Mantooth said "Hubby Edible Bars" surfaced at two local campuses in recent weeks. Both times they came from students who bought the edibles legally at marijuana dispensaries in L.A. County.

"My first reaction when I was told about this and I saw a picture of one of the bars was 'oh my gosh,'" said Mantooth. "Are things really, have things really become this loose?"

There are two separate incidents that occurred. A student at one of the district's high school was given the laced chocolate by a student. She got sick and had to be hospitalized.

At a second high school, a teacher was given the laced chocolate by a student. That student is now facing criminal charges.

"Often different types of drugs pop up on school campuses," said Juvenile Unit Supervisor Rachelle Dean with the Ventura County District Attorney's Office. "And this is the first time we've seen this one."

Dean said her office is prosecuting the two students responsible in the separate incidents.

"Hubby Bars are more concentrated than just straight leafy marijuana," said Dean. "So that's why the potency is so much greater and people can get sick."

School officials in Ventura County have sent letters home to parents notifying them of the situation, and they'll be keeping a closer eye on the kinds of candy bars that students are bringing on campus.

"Our radar is way up now," said Mantooth. "We have an awareness of them and we're looking out for those particular kinds of products in our schools."

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