Putting fashion inventions to the test


Most of these fashion inventions are under $30 and some are perfect for our hot climate. With the help of a stylist, she gave us her professional opinion.

CamiBands, city flats, the SkinnyShirt, even an insulated cosmetic bag -- image consultant Holly Thompson, who dresses some of Houston's who's who, has seen it all and tried it all.

"There are so many inventions out there," she said.

First up is the CamiBand. It's a fabric band that costs $19.95 to $24.95. It comes in an array of colors in lace and solids. The CamiBands can be used to cover up a plunging neckline.

"Because it's made from a stretchy material, it creates a smoothing look with no bunchiness and no bulk," Thompson said.

The CamiBand can also be used around your waist to create a multilayered look but also hide your flaws.

"This is a great way to hide a muffin top and it's also a great way to discreetly cover the back side, especially with those low rise jeans that we are all wearing today," Thompson said.

Next up is the "roll up and go" flats. These flats range in price from $15 to $50. We found our leather flats at the Gap for $39.50.

"This is a great accessory; especially living in Houston, we get tired of wearing that two-second stiletto. We want a shoe that is comfortable, that we can easily roll up and put in a suitcase if we travel or a handbag if we are on the go," Thompson said.

Flats come in an array of colors and have a to-go pouch. Thompson warns to make sure any roll-up flat you choose has some sole support.

Next up is the SkinnyShirt. It gives you the look of a button front collared shirt, without the bunchiness or bulk.

"Notice it's made out of stretchy cami material that can be tucked again to create smooth lines on the body and smooth lines on the arms," Thompson said.

At $68, it's probably at the top of your budget, but Thompson says there is no need to invest in any more button-down white shirts that need constant ironing or trips to the cleaners.

Our final product is a cosmetic bag called the Cool-it Caddy. It sells for $39.95. The producer claims to keep your cosmetics chilled even in the hottest of places. We tested the Cool-it Caddy. We left it in a car for four hours and the lipstick inside the bag stayed intact.

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