Photos alert authorities to child sex assault case

HOUSTON Prosecutors say a Walmart employee spotted the photos and quickly reported them to police. The two men involved are already behind bars for several child-related crimes, but just this week more charges were added to the stepfather in this case that originated back in 2009.

When a southwest Houston man went to print photos at a Walmart, an employee couldn't believe the images uploaded from the man's digital SD card.

Shannon Davis with the Harris County District Attorney's Office said, "There were images of Mr. (Michael) Bill. There were images of another individual, both of which were engaged in sex acts with a 14-year-old girl and an 11-year-old girl."

Michael Bill, 41, and Moses Nyanh, 74, were both charged in the aggravated sexual assault of a child case. That's where things took an even more disturbing turn for investigators. Bill is the children's stepfather, while Nyanh is the children's grandfather.

Neighbor Kon Adar recalled, "She was upset, she said, because this happened."

Adar lives next door to the apartment where the girls and their mother lived in southwest Houston. Adar says it all happened while the mother was hospitalized and left her 14-year-old and 11-year-old daughters in the care of their stepfather and grandfather.

"She was in hospital. She was sick and she had been hospitalized for like two, three months, I guess," Adar said. "So when she come back, she find her daughter pregnant. The school called already, that her daughter was pregnant."

This happened in 2009. The 14-year-old has since given birth to her stepfather's child. Bill pled guilty to a litany of charges and is serving a seven year sentence. Nyanh, the grandfather, also pled guilty and is also serving a prison sentence.

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