Elderly PA woman stuck on toilet for days

PHILADELPHIA, PA The 93-year-old woman was discovered Tuesday morning at her home. The woman lives alone in one of the apartments. Her family had been trying to reach her since last Friday.

On Tuesday morning, her social worker and the building manager went to check on her. They used a master key to enter the apartment and found the woman trapped in her bathroom.

She had apparently fallen through the toilet seat and couldn't get out.

Rescue workers say the woman was tired, dehydrated and hungry. They rushed her to Temple University hospital just a few blocks away where she was last reported in stable condition.

There was a pull cord alarm right next to the woman's toilet that she could have used to call for help. Staff members say they've tested the cord and it worked. So, it appears that, for some reason, the woman did not pull the cord.

This is an independent living facility, not assisted living, so the staff doesn't make regular rounds to check on residents.

This story is from our sister station, WPVI-TV in Philadelphia.

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