Thieves steal hair extensions from store


A beauty supply store in Missouri City was robbed of $85,000 worth of hair extensions, and the thieves used some incredible tactics to pull it off.

The thieves clearly had cased this business previously. They knew exactly what they were after, where they'd find it and how to get to it.

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, a group of thieves is holding a whole lot more of it.

"It's really sad," manager Davida Woods said. "I just really want the people caught."

Missouri City police say thieves first broke into a business next to the Jolla Bella Beauty Supply in Missouri City on March 22. The suspects then busted through sheet rock between the two stores.

"They came through and cut a hole in our wall to gain access," Woods said.

The store manager, who gave us surveillance video of the break-in, estimates five to seven suspects pushed plastic tubs and bags across the floor and crawled in order to avoid setting off motion detectors of the burglar alarm.

"They made their way all the way to the front," Woods said.

Once there, they grabbed as many hair extensions, wigs and other products as they could. They seemed interested only in the high-end stuff -- real human hair between16 and 18 inches. Each of the extensions stolen sells there for upwards of $75.

"They're selling it for $25 to $50 a bag. They're selling it really cheap," Woods said.

Store employees say the burglars made not one, but two trips into the store that night within an hour, stealing merchandise.

"Over $85,000 worth of hair ... a lotta hair," Woods said.

To make matters worse, the store's been open only a few months.

"It just think it's very ridiculous that someone would just come into our community and just do something like this to a new business that's here, that I like to support," customer Tishana Raffington said.

"I totally believe in what goes around comes around," Woods said.

The beauty here, folks say, would be catching those responsible.

And it's not the first time the store's owners have been hit. Woods says there have been similar thefts at the company's two other Houston stores.

If you have any information that can help the Missouri City Police Department make arrests in this case, you are urged to call them at 281-403-8700.

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