April Fool's Day prank goes too far

TOMBALL, TX On a day when everyone's got a trick up their sleeve, so did a local mother for her manager at Molly's Pub in Tomball, who also happens to be her daughter.

To get her daughter's attention, Tina Osterloh sent a text message that read, "I'm being robbed."

"I really thought my manager would look at her phone and be like, 'Haha,'" Osterloh said. "I actually thought she'd be like, 'Oh it's an April Fool's joke. Real funny.' Because that's the first thing I thought of this morning -- who's gonna try to do something to me?"

Within minutes, the popular pub was crawling with police.

"Oh, the first thing I thought when I seen them standing there was, 'Oh, I'm dead. I'm in so much trouble.'" Osterloh said.

A regular customer, who happened to be inside the bar looking for his lost cell phone, became targeted by police as the accused robber.

"The poor guy; they had him come out of the building with his hands up and I just kept apologizing to him over and over again," Osterloh said.

"We took him into custody because we didn't know exactly what was going on," Tomball Police Chief Robert Hauck said.

Hauck added that the prank exhausted dozens of resources and more than an hour of their time.

"In the end, it was just a horrible decision that she made to do that," Hauck said.

Osterloh admits she never intended for the hoax to go this far, and she says she's certainly learned her lesson. But has she played her last prank? No way.

"Now I gotta top this," she said. "Good luck with that, huh?"

The good news for Osterloh is she won't face any charges. The bad news: she lost her job over the prank.

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