Ministers fear retaliation for fatal shooting at Worthing HS

HOUSTON School on Friday let out on time and without incident, which is no big thing following this week's shooting, but the concern now is the weekend.

For another day, Worthing High School has had an increased police presence, and more security was added at other high schools on the south side in the wake of after-school school at Worthing's athletics field Wednesday.

Eighteen-year-old Tremaine Paul was killed in the shooting. On Friday, longtime friend Taberah Williams called him an innocent bystander who got caught between two feuding cliques.

"It's not even gang related," she said. "It's just a whole bunch of kids getting together and hang together but want to hurt each other for no apparent reason."

Members of the Houston Ministers Against Crime organization say they have been getting phone call after phone call about rumors of more potential violence are sweeping through schools. The organization says it's been told there were students from at least four schools involved and that retaliation could be on the way.

It's a distraction from education, and for members of Ministers Against Crime, it should be a wakeup call for the communities.

"Engage them to the point where they understand that this is not the way you respond to an incident," said Reverend Robert M. Gilmore, Sr. "Taking matters into your own hands is something that we don't promote at all -- not from a civil perspective, not from a human beings perspective, not from a clergy leaders perspective. We don't promote that at all. Any type of retaliation should be in a telephone call."

The organization is urging any witnesses, and anyone with any knowledge of planned retaliation, to come forward to and speak to police.

"If you know your child is involved in gang activity, you need to make some phone calls to your local churches, to your pastors. We can be able to get you some help," Houston Ministers Against Crime member Pastor James Nash said.

For friends and families of those killed or injured at Worthing, there's fear about the immediate future.

Jasminn Gray says her boyfriend was wounded in the back during the shooting.

"Really, nobody knows who shot who. It's rumors, so everybody's gonna be dead behind nothing," she said.

The shooting left Paul dead and five others are still recovering in the hospital. Eyewitnesses say the shooting happened during a girls powder puff football game, when a Ford Taurus drove onto the football field. Police say there was a fight and then a shooting.

Authorities believe the shooting was gang related. They're received a few phone calls with tips they're pursuing, but they still seeking more information. No arrests have been made in this case.

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