Police tackle chase suspect on freeway

HOUSTON The pursuit started on the Gulf Freeway just before 10am as police began following narcotics suspects allegedly throwing drugs out from a gray Chrysler 300. The driver sped northbound on the Gulf Freeway, occasionally taking to the service road. At one point it appeared the driver pushed another vehicle out of the way with his car.

The driver eventually led police eastbound onto the South Loop, with one tire smoking. He slowed to a stop on the northbound lanes of the East Loop near the Manchester exit, jumping out of his car.

The suspect then jumped over the concrete barrier and ran across the southbound lanes of the East Loop, darting directly in front of oncoming traffic. Officers followed on foot, all narrowly escaping being struck by vehicles, before tackling the suspect on the road.

"We jumped on the freeway and saw him. We actually saw him hit the barricade. He didn't stop. He kept going. He got off on Park Place. He actually ran into a car, got back on the freeway," said Officer Frank Medina with the Houston Police Department. "So, we knew there was no quit in this guy after he hit an innocent bystander. We knew he was possibly a narcotic suspect so we just stayed with him. We didn't want him to get away. We don't like to lose anybody when we don't have to."

A female passenger in the car apparently didn't attempt to run. She was arrested at the car. The man was taken into custody without further incident. It's not yet known what charges may be filed.

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