Man spends 100th birthday tying the knot


Celebrating their new life as husband and wife, Forrest Lunsway and Rose Pollard said it's still just the same old song and dance.

"It seems to be old hat by now," said Pollard.

The pair has been a couple for nearly three decades. Pollard said she told Lunsway that she didn't plan on marrying again after losing her first husband but he asked anyway.

"He said, 'Well name the date.' And I said, 'I'll marry you on your 100th birthday,'" recalled Pollard.

"Oh, I knew I'd make it," Lunsway joked.

On March 19th, Lunsway turned 100 and married his 90-year-old bride at a community center Dana Point. The wedding night included champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.

"Why do they make a big deal out of a hundred? What I think all the time, why are people dying at 65? There is no reason for that," said Lunsway.

Lunsway said keeping active keeps him on his toes and he plans on going far beyond 100.

"He has to be here for my 100th birthday. So he has to go at least ten more years," said Pollard.

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