NAACP in Houston addressing police accountability

HOUSTON The meeting and public hearing at Texas Southern University was prompted by one case in question: the arrest and beating of a Houston teenage burglar that was recorded on surveillance video.

That teenager, Chad Holley, couldn't attend Thursday's hearing; instead the videotape of his arrest said it all. The video has become for the NAACP proof that where there are allegations of police oppression and misconduct, there can sometimes be fire. We're told the Holley case has sparked a flood of complaints to the organization from all around southeast Texas. There have been 200 in only three days.

"That shows the incredible level of response that there has been and the amount of sensitivity to the issue if you have that number of people that will respond and fill out a formal complaint within three days," said Gary Bledsoe, Texas NAACP Director.

TSU law students are taking the complaints and the NAACP will review them. Those that are reviewed and selected will be taken to law enforcement agencies named in complaints.

"We do not support crime. We want criminals out of our neighborhoods. But we want the constitution followed and we don't want people to be profiled and stereotyped," said Bledsoe. "We want you to do things that are appropriate and right."

We are told the majority of those 200 complaints came from Houston.

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