FDA reviews links between food dyes, hyperactivity

March 31, 2011 11:27:40 AM PDT
A government panel is hearing from parents who say dyes in food worsen their children's attention deficit disorder. The Food and Drug Administration is listening to mothers, scientists and the food industry as it considers whether there is a link between the dyes and hyperactivity. The FDA so far has seen no proven relationship for most children. But the agency agrees with studies that say for "certain susceptible children," hyperactivity and other behavioral problems may be exacerbated by food dyes and other substances in food.

An FDA advisory committee is expected to weigh in Thursday on whether studies, some of which are decades old, definitively link the dyes and the disorder.

Renee Shutters of Jamestown, N. Y., said ridding her 7-year-old son Trenton's diet of food colors was "life changing."