Homeowner shot to death outside his home

HOUSTON Neighbors describe Antonio Ortega Carranza, 56, as a quiet, helpful man. His murder has everyone wondering what happened.

Neighbor Charles Evetts said, "Most everything that goes on around here , I see something about it."

Evetts sees a lot from the front porch of his home in Shadow Oaks, but never anything like this.

"I had just got up and got out here and I heard the gunshots, two times," he recalled. "I had heard them talking first, hollering at each other first in Spanish and some English."

Evetts couldn't understand what the argument was about, but police tell us Carranza was shot to death in his garage. He was arriving home from work with his wife around 9pm. Four men attacked the couple, pushing Carranza's wife to the floor inside, pushing him through the house into the garage, while the other two ransacked the home. What happened next woke even the youngest of neighbors.

Neighbor Jeremiah Menslage, 11, said, "When I was in bed I just heard two gunshots. I thought they were firecrackers, but it turns out they were gunshots."

Police believe they were looking for cash from Carranza's businesses. He fought back but was shot and killed.

Neighbor Carl Boudreaux said, "I don't know what it was about, but I can tell you it wasn't worth this man's life."

Neighbors like Boudreaux are hoping police catch the four men who got away. Family tells us he hardworking and owned a handful of taco trucks, including one parked at a nearby gas station.

Boudreaux said, "Certainly as a neighborhood we're concerned that this type of thing would happen around here, but we're more devastated by the loss of a good neighbor and friend."

The suspects got away with some cash. Police have only given out a vague description, saying the men were wearing masks and dark clothing.

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