Homeowner gets rude awakening when pickup hits home

A homeowner got a rude awakening early Tuesday morning after a pickup slammed into his home

March 29, 2011 7:59:22 AM PDT
A pickup slammed into a home in northeast Houston early this morning It happened on Hoffman and East Crosstimbers. The homeowner says he was in the living room when he heard a crash. A pickup had plowed through the wall of his bedroom.

"I was sitting in the front room, watching TV. I heard a loud screeching, like some cars were racing or something. And the screeching got louder and the next thing I heard was a bam and the second crash was even stronger," said homeowner Pastor Samuel E. Lewis, Sr. "When I looked up I could tell it hit the house. I came into my bedroom where I normally sleep right here. Had I been in the bed I would have been dead."

The driver suffered a cut to his head, but will be OK. No word on why the driver crashed into the house.