Pearland residents on edge after unusual robbery

March 17, 2011 2:54:19 AM PDT
The unusual robbery of a woman is creating a lot of concern. It happened in Pearland as the woman was driving and the way the robbery was carried out is what has people worried.

We've heard all kinds of ways that robbers target their victims. This is a new one. It started out innocent enough, but within seconds, it turned violent.

It's not like Kirby Drive in Pearland is a quiet street or devoid of police officers.

"Every night someone is getting stopped behind my house -- every night," concerned resident Tameka Robert said.

But somehow, two men were able to rob a woman at gunpoint on the street and get away. They used a special ploy to do so.

"It's very concerning. I mean, my kids go to school right here," concerned resident Elizabeth Gonzales said.

It happened Monday. The woman was in her car on her way her way home in Shadowcreek Ranch. Not too far from Emerald Bay is where she says a Honda Accord ran into the back of her. She was caught off guard.

The woman told police the Honda then pulled in front of her and blocked her in. That's when two men got out and demanded her purse and cell phone. One had a gun.

"I don't know what I would've done," Gonzales said.

The woman wasn't harmed, and no one is second guessing what she did.

"Anybody would pull over if someone hit you from the back, that's the first thing you would do; and if it's broad daylight, no one would suspect someone trying to rob you in broad daylight at an accident," Robert said.

Now her story has people, especially woman, making changes.

"I would probably be looking around more and I would definitely not pull over for any reason," said a concerned resident, who would only identify herself as Rachel.

The victim believes the men followed her from the Beltway. She told police she noticed them at a toll booth. She was able to give police only a vague description of the suspects and their vehicle -- two black men in an old Honda accord.

If you have information about the robbery suspects, you're asked to call the Pearland Police Department at 281-997-4100.

Police say if you ever feel uncomfortable on the road, drive to a safe place or to the nearest police station. We worked on this story through our partnership with Houston Community Papers. You can read more about the robbery in the Pearland Journal.