Spring fashion on a budget

March 15, 2011 3:02:25 PM PDT
The official start of spring is just a few days away and we want to give you a jump start on the latest spring fashion trends.

Not only did we find some great bargains on the latest trends, but a stylist showed us how to pull the look together. After all, if you don't know how to wear a trend, then you might be wasting your money.

It's easy to find the latest trends at any retailer, but putting the look together takes more of an effort. That's why stylist Pamela Peckerman guided us with spring's trendiest looks.

"This look on Mitzie is about the wide leg denim," she said.

First up is the 70s style. A $5 fedora and a wide leg pant from off-price retailer TJ Maxx make this boho chic. Peckerman says to pull this look off, add a knit vest and a beaded necklace you probably already have at home.

"See what mom and grandma have because they may have something to offer you as well," Peckerman said.

The next trend is nautical stripes. To pull off this look, Peckerman says the key is to soften all those stripes is to layer with a cardigan and belt it. The cardigan is $24.99 and the striped tunic $29.99, both from TJ Maxx.

Later, you can use the striped tunic for a cover up at the beach.

"So for $29, you are going to get a lot, a lot of bang for a buck from the top," Peckerman said.

Another way to wear stripes -- pair it with a scarf like this look from JC Penney. The striped top is $24; the scarf is just $20. Just remember the wider the stripe, the bolder the look.

The next spring trend is feminine and floral. To wear to the office, choose a softer print. Pair that with a pencil skirt and throw on a cardigan.

For a more casual look ...

"Take a pair of shorts, a stacked heel, and you are good to go," Peckerman said.

If you are not sure how to clearly pull any look off, Peckerman says look to the fashion magazines and stores for inspiration.

"You are going to see mannequins everywhere and you can see it as your guide," she said.

We took our fashion magazines to JC Penney. The two top color trends for the spring are white and coral. But this designer top in our fashion magazine is $790. At JC Penney, we found a coral top with white pants for $50.

To wear coral, break up the color with a metallic belt and brown bag. For a floral dress, our stylist says break up the busy pattern with a braided belt and top it off with a little jacket.

As with any trend, our stylist says, don't wear it if you don't feel comfortable.