School mistakenly diagnoses girl's flu as drug related

March 15, 2011 3:11:09 PM PDT
A Texas City mother is relieved her daughter doesn't have to go to an alternative school, but she says she and her child deserve a formal apology.

Aliah Rowe, 12, went to the nurses' office at Blocker Middle School last month. She said her headache was diagnosed as being under the influence of drugs and public intoxication by a school police officer.

A blood test and doctor's visit at UTMB two hours later stated otherwise.

Cynthia Morgan, the girl's mother, presented the medical documents to the school but was told her daughter still had to go to an alternative campus.

Two appeals by Morgan were rejected. Her daughter missed several weeks of school because of what the doctor predicted was the real problem -- the flu.

On Tuesday, the school district did an about-face and said Aliah could return to Blocker Middle School after spring break. After receiving more information, a spokesperson says the decision has been reversed.