Deputy injured while trying to serve warrant

Authorities were trying to serve a felony warrant when the suspect allegedly threw an object out the window, hitting a deputy in the head.

March 1, 2011 1:30:19 PM PST
A SWAT situation unfolded near downtown Tuesday morning after authorities say a man injured a deputy while they trying to serve a felony warrant. Precinct 6 officials say a deputy was injured while dealing with a suspect at an apartment on Grove near Highway 59 and I-10. According to officials, the suspect threw a piece of metal through a window and struck the deputy in the head. The deputy was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital. The deputy was conscious when he was transported, but his condition is unknown at this time.

A SWAT unit was called to the scene when the suspect apparently barricaded himself inside the unit. Precinct 6 officials say the suspect sneaked out of a window, and was spotted on the roof about 1:30pm Tuesday. He was Tasered and hit with bean-bags, then he was taken to Ben Taub Hospital.

"The SWAT officers have to deploy their CED which is conducted energy devices which you guys commonly call the Tasers and he is subsequently taken into custody," said Victor Sentries of the Houston Police Department.

Authorities say the suspect's brother was also in the unit, but jumped out a window not long after the standoff began.

The suspect was wanted for assault on a public servant and evading arrest.

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