Brawl at nightclub ends with woman shot in face

February 27, 2011 2:07:16 PM PST
There was a conflict in a club Saturday night. And the violent brawl ended with a woman shot in the face. Several Webster police officers came under attack when they tried to break up the fight at club Adam and Eden around 12:30am on Nasa Parkway near North Walnut.

Police say one officer began arresting a male suspect. He was subdued by a Taser after police say he resisted arrest. That's when Webster police say a female suspect hit the officer over the head.

Authorities say while the second officer was struggling with that female, the first officer was attacked by a group of women. Authorities say during the brawl, the officer was being pulled and attacked. During the struggle, the officer's gun went off. A woman was shot in the cheek.

"He was in a struggle with a large amount of people and how that occurred, we are not sure," said Chief Ray Smiley with the Webster Police Department. "We are still investigating. Whether they were trying to disarm him, we are not sure."

Two women were taken to Clear Lake Hospital. They are listed as stable. One of them suffered a gunshot wound to the cheek. The other was subdued by a Taser. One officer suffered minor cuts and bruises.

Police have identified three suspects who attacked the officers, but no one has been arrested pending the outcome of the investigation.