Sugar Land museum aims to teach black history


Phyllis C. Hunter, the founder of the Black Like Me Museum in Sugar Land, is dedicated to her collection of more than 6,000 dolls representing African-American leaders of government, sports, entertainment and all walks of life. She uses the dolls to teach children about African-American history.

Even her Barbie collection shows how the world has evolved, but she says even contemporary dolls like Disney's Princess Tiana are important and all too rare.

She was inspired by a famous study in which more young black girls picked a white doll over a black one. She is hoping to change that image problem, which she says still exists.

That's why she says there will always be room here for more dolls and more learning.

If you'd like to take a tour of the museum, you can contact Hunter at No entrance fee is required, but donations to the museum are accepted. Also, she gives only group tours.

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