Westbury High students suspended over protests

February 7, 2011 2:18:17 PM PST
Westbury High School will suspend 100 students for staging a protest against their new principal.

Students carried signs and demanded answers outside the high school on Monday morning. The students say they are angry that Principal Tim Wainright canceled three senior class field trips, and painted over a popular 11 year old mural in the school. The kids say many of them paid $350 each for the trips and have not received any refunds.

"We tried on numerous occasions to talk to our principal, but he has not tried to talk us until today, right now. The students are trying to have a peaceful protest and just want our voices to be heard," said one Westbury High senior.

The Houston Independent School District said the students who protested and didn't go to class will be suspended.

Principal Tim Wainright's statement reads, "The decision to cancel the field trip was based on adhering to district policy. We have spoken to the students and will take appropriate disciplinary action."