Deal allows KTRU to remain on the air

February 6, 2011 7:16:30 AM PST
Rice University's radio station will remain on the air after resolution of a contentious issue that arose after the school decided to sell the KTRU tower and license to the University of Houston for $9.5 million. The Rice station will broadcast over a high-definition channel assigned to radio station KPFT, beginning Feb. 14. The Houston Chronicle reported that the deal was reached with Pacifica Foundation, which owns KPFT.

The original proposal called for KTRU to become an Internet-only station, an option students said wouldn't provide the same opportunities as a station that also is broadcast over the air.

Rice President David Leebron acknowledged that the decision is unlikely to end criticism of the sale. Leebron said many would still prefer the 50,000-watt signal, but that this is a good outcome.