Cold weather could impact home construction

February 1, 2011 4:50:59 PM PST
With temperatures dropping a full 30 degrees lower than they were yesterday, Houstonians have had to make some quick adjustments to deal with the sudden chill. Folks are bracing for the worst, which is yet to come. Some, like construction workers in northeast Harris County, say they've only out here because they have to be. But others we found actually are enjoying the cold snap.

The saying goes, if you build it, they will come For those who do, it's if they build it, they get paid, so wintry weather is not welcomed.

Construction worker Jaime Garcia says his crew will only work till the temperature dips to about 34 degrees. After that they are told to wait for a warm up. There's only so much they can do to stay warm.

There were others who didn't want to be out in this cold, like 12-year-old Kirkland Jacobs. His father was disciplining him, instructing him to run home after an issue at school.

Theddeus Gibbs explained, "He had a whole lot of energy getting suspended, doing wrong, so I'm just letting out some of his energy. Let him jog it out."

For other runners, this weather is perfect. Kevin Ziegler says if it gets any colder, though, it could be problematic.

"That's why were out here today," he said. "We can get some in that in before that hits. I'm not gonna run in that! That's too cold."

It wasn't the cold, but the wind that apparently knocked out power to 35,000 CenterPoint customers Tuesday morning, including five HISD elementary schools.

HISD speech therapist Jeanan al-haddad said, "I was concerned that we won't have school, we'd all have to go home and the kids would miss a whole day of school."

Though out most of the morning, power was restored at Bruce Elementary and other schools around lunchtime.