Company to offer 'floating condos' for retirees

January 31, 2011 4:40:32 PM PST
It's not a place you would think about living after retiring, but one company is hoping "floating condos" will appeal to retirees in our area.

The "floating condo" community will be based in Houston and cruise around the waters in our area and beyond.

If you ever wanted to combine the luxuries of home and traveling at the same time then this might be the type of community for you. It's not your common condominium complex. The two-bedroom two-bath looks like any upscale condo, but one we visited happens to float up down rivers on the Mississippi watershed.

One boat owner tooling on his vessel is not sure what to make of it.

"It's a totally different type of a lifestyle than you talking to somebody who lives aboard a boat in a marina or on the water, a lot on their own personal boat. I think that's a totally different type of situation," boat owner John McGuire said.

That's what this ambitious project is striving for. The River Cities Complex is made up of 180 condos. It travels year round, making 155 different stops in 18 states.

"We spend our winters along the Gulf, and then in the springtime, we visit the Tennessee River and then in the summer we are as far as St Paul, Minnesota," said David Nelson with River Cities.

On board the vessel, while navigating waterways, you can dine and lounge until you hit your next destination.

"We'll have a couple of restaurants on the bow and indoor and outdoor seating, we'll have lounges on the roof, recreation areas, barbeques, pools and hot tubs," Nelson said.

On the fifth deck is an 18-hole golf course and helipad for emergency care. And when you do pull into to dock, water and ground transportation is there for you to explore a new city.

"We have onboard, run about kayaks, canoes. We'd offload some boats, and we have two buses that shadow our route and these buses are transportation for our residents," Nelson said.

The 1,012 square-foot model, which is the biggest, is currently docked at Kemah's marina Del Sol. It's priced at $550,000. A monthly HOA fee is not included.

"If your retired and got lots of money, I think it would be the ideal situation, I believe anyway," said boat owner Terry Hollar.

The company has sold 25 percent of the condos. When they hit 90 percent the ship will be commissioned for construction, something they expect to happen in spring of next year.