Teen's lamb vanishes just before show

January 27, 2011 4:18:01 PM PST
A lamb that was being raised by a high school student is missing and the family thinks someone may have tampered with the gate. The high school junior who was raising the lamb wants her animal back -- not just because she's bonded with the lamb, but because her Future Farmers of America show is just a week away and she may have nothing to show for all her hard work.

Kendall Williams wants to know where her lamb Maybelle is.

She said, "We took the goats and walked them and then we put them up and fed them and left. And that was probably the last time I saw her."

That was Wednesday night. The Jersey Village High School junior has been raising livestock with two friends on a rented piece of property. It's all for the Future Farmers of America club at the school. But this morning, Kendall got a phone call from one of those friends.

Kendall recalled, "She was like, 'Dude, your lamb is gone!'"

The wire used to keep the gate shut was untwisted this morning.

"I think someone probably took her, because the gate was pulled open and lambs don't have thumbs so they can't open the door," Kendall said.

A second lamb kept in the pen with Maybelle was still there, as were the goats in the pen next door, and Emmet the pig remained in his own pen on the end. The timing couldn't be worse, says Kendall's dad.

"The FFA show unfortunately is next weekend," Kevin Williams explained.

Kendall stood to make thousands of dollars in college money at that FFA show just off of Maybelle alone. She may not be entirely out of luck, because she's still planning to show her goat Clyde. But this is not just about money.

"I've bonded with this lamb," Kendall said. "I've had her for five or six months; next weekend is the show."

Kendall and her dad are hoping to see Maybelle before that show.

"We would like to get the lamb back," he said.

Anyone with information about the lamb is asked to contact the Jersey Village High School FFA program.