Charges dismissed against teen in "Butt Drag" case


Buchanan High School student Preston Hill was accused of taking the move known as the 'butt drag' too far. Hill was expelled from Buchanan High last month.

The move is called the "butt drag" because one wrestler grabs the other between the buttocks and turns him.

Another California station, KABC-TV, spoke with the alleged victim's dad, who thought the move went too far.

"This kid basically targeted my son, pinned him to the ground and assaulted him," Ross Rice said in December.

Rice said his 15-year-old son was painfully penetrated for at least 30 seconds by his teammate's fingers during a wrestling drill last year.

Hill claimed he was taught the butt drag by his coaches, and a coach at another high school said the butt drag is a legal move.

The boy says results from a doctor's examination prove he was slightly injured after the incident.

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