Woman recalls alleged sexual assault by cop

Abraham Joseph, 27, is accused in the sexual assault, which allegedly took place on January 2.

January 21, 2011 8:47:30 PM PST
A woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by a Houston police officer is now talking about what happened. The alleged victim in this case is an illegal immigrant who was reluctant to come forward fearing she'd be deported. We're concealing her identity as she recounts for us the horrific attack that nearly destroyed her.

The evening of January 2 began just like any other night at a Houston cantina, but that all changed for the female employee when she stepped outside to make a phone call. Suddenly, she found herself under arrest by a Houston police officer whom she later identified as Abraham Joseph, 27.

In Spanish, she told us, "He put my hands on the patrol car and he started fondling me."

The woman claims Joseph, who was wearing a uniform, drove her to a nearby park and viciously attacked her, forcing her to perform sex acts while she was handcuffed.

"He yanked me out of the car. I was crying," she said. "I told him the handcuffs hurt."

The woman says when the officer finally took the handcuffs off, he raped her. Officer Jospeh allegedly then drove her back to the bar where she told her boss what had happened.

"He asked me if I was brave enough to call the police," she said. "I said, 'I don't have papers, they would deport me.'"

Jospeh appeared in probable cause court late Friday afternoon where a judge read him his rights. Jospeh requested that he be released on a personal bond to which the judge replied, "Not in this lifetime, not on this type of charge."

Joseph is facing two counts of aggravated sexual assault and was immediately relieved of his duties once the allegations surfaced.